Elmok production

We got technology, machines, and equipment needed to complete production cyclus:


... Materials ...

Elmok - materials

Rolled electrosteel incoils


... Roll slitting with roll slit cutters ...

Elmok - roll slitting

Detail of slitting with roll slitting F'lli Rizzatto cutter


... Punching on high-speed presses with progressive stamping tools...

Elmok - press

Detail of outlet on high-speed press SCHULLER SAL 250


... Pressure die casting of rotor parts...

Elmok - pressure die casting

Detail of pressure die casting of rotors on horizontal die casting
machine with six cavity mould

Elmok - finished

Finished rotor castings ready for delivery




Elmok d.o.o.


FOUNDATION: founded 1997. as part of Končar Elektroindustrija d.d. Zagreb.
1.1.2004. successfully privatised and is 100% privately owned ever since.

BUSINESS OPERATIONS: almost 70% of the products are exported to the customers in the countries of EU  and world wide (Germany,Italy,Slovenia,Ireland...)

MISSION: turn over to the future and permanent desire to strengthen advancement with points out to the quality and inovations as long term targets of our activity. With our business activity we can comply with all requirements of the world wide market at any time.